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At the Museum - Dec 10th

Happy December! It's always a great day at the Museum! Join us for lots of fun winter activities and gift making.

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Adult Swim: Love & Reactions Menu


Combustible Chemistry

Pheromones, chemical reactions & explosions!

At this event for 21+, discover the chemicals that affect your brain when you fall in love and discover which chemicals combust when they’re combined! Bring someone who makes your heart pound, or meet one here. Enjoy food, drinks, and live jams as you play your way through the Museum. 

Ticket Price: $20; Day-of Price: $25

Register online or call or visit the Museum’s front desk, 360-956-0818. Pre-registration recommended. For adults 21+ only. Tickets include 1 free drink & cupcake. Additional food and drink available for purchase.

Pre-Sale Tickets Available Now! 

Love and Reactions Poster 2017