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Open Today
10am - 5pm
At the Museum - May 6th
Today we have self-guided Mother's Day card making in the Art Studio! Come join in the fun!

We are welcoming a field trip at 10:30 am. For a quieter experience join us after 1:00 pm.  

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See you again in July!

Information coming soon for our July 8th Adult Swim!

BeerCraft : The Art & Science Behind Craft Brews 

Later party time! 7-10 p.m.
Adults 21+ only

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What everyone is saying about Adult Swim at Hands On

"I used to think the museum was for kids and now I know the museum is for everyone!"

"The best part is the fact that I can crawl around like a kid again."

"The band was particularly noteworthy - they really rocked. I even left them a tip!" (Blue Laces at BeerCraft 2015)

"Amazing space, such great activities and displays! I am blown away!"

"The HOCM art studio is outstanding - space, materials, projects - SO COOL!"

"Your staff is the best part! Friendly, professional, helpful. I interacted with several - great attitude!"