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10am - 5pm
At the Museum - Dec 1st
We have a few spots left in our Winter Break Camps. Call us to learn more at 360-956-0818 ext. 0.

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Tickets Now On Sale

The Next Adult Swim at Hands On

Love & Magnets: The Science of Attraction

Later party time! 7-10 p.m.
Friday, Feb. 12
Tickets: $20, $25 at the door
Adults 21+ only

Get your tickets by clicking here.

Adult Swim Love and Magnets

What everyone is saying about Adult Swim at Hands On

"I used to think the museum was for kids and now I know the museum is for everyone!"

"The best part is the fact that I can crawl around like a kid again."

"The band was particularly noteworthy - they really rocked. I even left them a tip!" (Blue Laces at BeerCraft 2015)

"Amazing space, such great activities and displays! I am blown away!"

"The HOCM art studio is outstanding - space, materials, projects - SO COOL!"

"Your staff is the best part! Friendly, professional, helpful. I interacted with several - great attitude!"