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Virtual Art Gallery

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Calling all budding artists!

In March (2020), we created this Virtual Art Gallery to capture the words, feelings, and experiences of the children that we missed so much during the five months that the Museum was closed. 

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Hands On 2U@Home
Art from Hands On Kids
Original artwork from Ilyana
Artwork by Hannah
Wyatt's Paper Mache Octopus
Original Artwork by Emma
Original artwork by Cash
Elliot made salt dough ornaments
Elsa creates chalk art for the neighborhood
Savanah makes a squirrel picnic table
Original artwork by Wyatt
Artwork left behind in our studio
Making geospheres
Artwork by Nico, Age 5

Artwork by Luke, age 8

Artwork by Albert, age 3

Videos From Hands On Kids

Wyatt (Age 6)
Wyatt misses meeting his friends at the museum to play and misses his friends who work there with his mom. He wanted to sing a song for them. Submitted by Sheena Hayden, Senior Operations.

Video by Mya (age 4) & Nico (age 2)
Mya misses seeing her friends, playing in the kitchen area, going upstairs for music time (stage area), the big slide, and really just all of it. Nico misses “playing”. He especially loves to follow his big sis in exploring all the different stations at HOCM. 

Staff Reflections
Matt S Upcycled an old sign into a tomato planter box
Deer photograph by Shelby
Original watercolors by Anastatia
Word cloud by Anna S
Baby goats and ducklings by Chantol

Missing My Museum Families by Brin
Original painting by Heather W

Looking forward to warmer days in the yard by Cindy E

A new furry friend by Katy S

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