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Our Address

Hands On Children's Museum
414 Jefferson Street NE
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: 360-956-0818

General Museum Information: info@hocm.org.
Museum Membership Information: membership@hocm.org.
Media Inquiries: communications@hocm.org or 360-956-0818 ext 149.

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Our Staff

To call a staff member, call 360-956-0818 and dial the extension listed.

Executive Director
Patty Belmonte

 ext. 141  
Director of Operations & Education
Anna Sayre

 ext. 145  
Director of Business, HR & IT
Cindy Hageman

 ext. 143  
Director of Exhibits & Facilities
Kathy Irwin

 ext. 142  
Senior Database Manager
Cindy Eatwell

 ext  147  
Senior Development Manager
Amy Brockman

 ext. 151  
Finance Manager

Communications Manager
Beth Garson

 ext. 149  
Graphic Designer & Communications Project Manager
Saird Napolitano

 ext. 155  
Digital Marketing Assistant
Iain Rutherford

 ext. 164  
Grants Consultant
Marina Shaughnessy

 ext. 152  
Purchasing Coordinator
Josie Solseng

 ext. 110  
Outgoing Donations & Special Projects
Jim Burlingame

 ext. 148  
Development Operations Manager

Development and Events Coordinator
Tara McQueen

 ext. 163  
Events Manager
Paulette Beadling

 ext. 150  
Exhibits & Facilities Assistant
Erika Enquist

 ext. 154  
Senior Front Desk & Reservations Manager
Eric Pannell

 ext. 166  
Front Desk Supervisor 
Jennifer Fenoy

 ext. 109  
Senior Facilities Manager & Safety Officer 
Jeremiah Meno

 ext. 111  
Reservations Coordinator 
Meghan Leishman

 ext. 103  
Senior Cafe & Store Manager
Jay Potter

 ext. 159  
Senior Manager Visitor & Gallery Services 
Bill Baker

 ext. 113  
Human Resource Manager
Stephan Adams
 ext. 146
Studio & Visitor Engagement Supervisor
Johanna KaLhoun
 ext. 144  
Art Studio & Visitor Engagement Manager
Amanda Wilkening

 ext. 158  
Preschool: Playful Learners & Early Learners
Betsy DeBoer

 ext. 161  
Education Department Manager
Emily Ehrlich
 ext. 162

Preschool: Pre-K & PlayWise Coordinator/Teacher
Catherine "Kitty" Winkle

 ext. 160  
Offsite/Program Coordinator & Teacher
Ben Michaelis

 ext. 165