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10 a.m.- 5 p.m.



The Emergency! Gallery

Kids can become community heroes with an Olympia Police Car, an Olympia Fire Truck, Providence St. Peter Emergency Room, Seattle Children's Hospital Baby Nursery, Airlift Northwest Helicopter and Medic One Van. They can even measure decibels in the fun Scream Room. Be sure to check out the New Doghouse!

Sponsored by

Olympia Emergency Services, PLLC

Exhibit Features: 

  • Olympia Police K-9 Car
  • Olympia Fire Truck 
  • Providence St. Peter Hospital E.R. 
  • Medic One Van
  • Scream Room
  • Giant Light Bright
  • Airlift Northwest Helicopter
  • New Doghouse!

Special Exhibits: 

Learning Styles: 

  • Imaginative Role Playing 
  • Dramatic Play 
  • Reflective 
  • Full Body, Gross Motor Engagement 
  • Collaborative

Does your child love imaginative role playing?

The fun continues with costumes, lights and sounds on the stage or in the Woodland Animal Rescue Center in the Fabulous Forest. Click here to learn more.