Arts Walk Fall 2021

"Modern Dinosaurs" by Heather Wood
Oct. 1-31, 2021

Arts Walk

Arts Walk Fall 2021

Olympia Arts Walk is a semi-annual community event celebrating the arts. In a typical year, thousands gather in downtown Olympia in both the Spring and Fall for a festive arts experience that uses creativity to connect and engage. The fall event welcomes back street closure activities happening on October 1-2, and throughout the month art displays, programs and activities will be presented by participating locations and artists.

Experience Arts Walk with Hands On

Throughout October, the Museum will feature paintings by local artist and Hands On employee, Heather Wood in the Play Day Café. The collection of “Modern Dinosaurs” combines her love of dinosaurs with her whimsical sense of humor, juxtaposing accurate portrayals of some of her favorite giant reptiles with more modern settings and situations.

Arts Walk Activities
  • First Friday Night, Artist Meet & Greet (October 1, 5-7 pm). Meet Heather and see her exhibit in the Play Day Café. Talk to Heather about her art, dinosaurs, and fossils. Dinosaur color sheets will be available in the Art Studio. Visitors can also enjoy a tour of the Museum’s permanent art collection.
  • Arts Walk Street Activity (October 2, 12-6 pm). Look for us downtown on Washington Street and play Pegboard Pinball. Engineer a pinball track on our pegboards and then challenge your friends to see who can keep the ball rolling the longest.
  • Timberland Regional Library Arts Walk Kits (October while supplies last). The downtown Olympia TRL will be distributing free Hands On activity kits. Each kit contains all the materials and instructions to complete the activities.
    1. Spooky Slime: explore sensory play with the gooey world of slime (includes glow glitter!) and learn the cool science behind sensations.
    2. Bugs & Bats: test your knowledge and find out some fun new facts! Design your own bug out of oversized buttons and pipe cleaners and make a bat straw shooter.
Heather WoodAbout the Artist

Heather Wood is a Washington local, HOCM employee (for seven years!), and Evergreen college alum. Her childhood love of art grew from graphite to mixed media throughout high school. In college, she focused her skills on acrylics and other paint media. Heather’s familiarity and affection for the Washington peninsula, forests and beaches help drive her imagination and creation of works, allowing her to dream up interesting landscape pieces that mold well with her passion for dinosaurs. Her devotion to dinosaurs started at an early age, but was more recently refined with the creation of her first dinosaur piece “The Dangers of Selfies”. She also brings her enthusiasm for art, science, and the natural world to her position in the education dept. at the Museum.