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Free & Reduced Programs

Access for everyone!
At Hands On, we believe that all children deserve respect and the opportunity to learn and that families are important as children’s first teachers and as their partners in learning. 

Our programs and participatory exhibits are designed specifically to encourage interaction and inquiry, as well as participation from the entire family. 

We believe that learning occurs in a variety of ways, and that experiential learning is essential for proper brain development. 

At Hands On, we know that communities are enriched when diverse groups work creatively together to educate our children. 

We actively partner with social service agencies, public schools, service clubs, public libraries, and other community organizations to bring interactive education to the community.

Your donation supports our Free & Reduced Admission Programs. Hands On raises funds through the Leadership Circle, and donations received throughout the year.

Below is a list of our extensive Free & Reduced Admissions Programs. 

To learn more about sponsored admission or sponsored memberships, click here.

To learn more about enrolling in these programs, call us at (360) 956-0818.
To support these programs, call us at (360) 956-0818 or email aginsburg@hocm.org.

Major Free & ReducedAccess Programs

Free & Reduced Field Trips

  • Preschool & Elementary Students in six counties
  • Head Start Field Trips
  • Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program Field Trips
  • United Way Right from the Start

Parent Support Programs

  • PowerParenting - free monthly classes
  • PlayWise - Free Weekly Preschool Enrichment
  • Foster Support Group
  • Kinship Support Group
  • SafePlace Support
  • Sensory Friendly Sundays - For Autistic & Special Needs Children
  • Crohns & Colitis Support Group
  • Cedar Creek Corrections Center

Military Support Programs

Supporting Families in Need

  • Sponsored Visits
  • Access Memberships
  • EBT - Free and reduced admission to any family receiving state basic food assistance. The first TWO guests are FREE, each additional guest is $2.
  • South Sound Reading Foundation, free book distribution