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2020 Summer Splash Evening Gala!

Summer Splash Gala 2020

Summer Splash! Gala with a Twist!

Party Online, August 28th, 7 p.m.

We appreciate you and need your support more than ever!

The Summer Splash! Gala moves online for the first time to raise funds for our Access programs – including our new interactive educational kits for families that cannot visit the Museum during the COVID pandemic. We hope you will join us for a heartfelt program of special stories about the power of play. 

There is no cost to view the live-stream event. An exciting online auction will go live on August 21! And more Super Silent packages will be available the night of the event. 

View on your own or gather a few friends for a COVID-safe watch party. Dillinger's cocktail kits, appetizers, and desserts will be available to pre-order. 

Stay tuned for registration details!

Thank you! To our 2019 Raise The Paddle Access Donors

Drew and Kylie Phillips
Merritt Long and Marsha Tadano Long
Rick and Pam Panowicz
Stars Foundation of Thurston County
John and Sally Warjone
Donald Rhodes and Nancy Beveridge
Robert E. and Adele M. Boydston Foundation
Matthew and Cassandra Phillips
James and Linnea Bremner
Rick and Ellen Middleton & the Second Growth Foundation
Jim and Gayle Phillips
James Kruidenier and Susan Bryant
Bob Heck, Kiley Juergens Wealth Management LLC
Richard and Ashley Redman
Judy Weigand
Mike and Rhenda Strub
Gary Altman and Rose Bailey
Mitch and Laura Dietz
Mary and Scott Oliver
Lindsay Paylor and Brad Jones
Adam and Amanda Adrian
Shelly and Brad Badger
Joe and Patty Belmonte
Benjamin and Sarah Merrifield and the Bonbright Family Foundation
Steve and Sudawan Carras
Laurie and Tom Carroll
Ellen Cavanaugh and Kate Beck
Roger and Genevieve Chan
Natalie and Ian Child
Drees / Goularte Interior Design
Brian and Valerie Fluetsch
David and Pat Kohler
Mike and Patty Korosec
Jessica and Brian Lindstrom
Jayson Lossing and Jolene Stokesberry
Chris and Lisa Lunde
Tim and Vonna Madeley
Scot and Annette McQueen
Tanya Mote
Drake and Rosanne Nicholson
Alyson and David Owens
Jeff and Janet Pearson
Veronica and Brian Rich
Meghan and Jagger Sapp
Bob and Meg Van Schoorl
Ed and Lasha Steinweg
Paul and Gail Taylor
Greg and Jeanne Tranum
David Troutt and Jean Carr
Jessica and Kyle Winter
Nancy Connery
Dennis and Paula Heck
Melanie  Boyajian
Linda Villegas Bremer
Robert and Lynn Brunton
Sharon and Dave Cammarano
Larry and Cherie Challain
Garth Cowan and Elizabeth Morgan
Jeffrey and Shannon Devlin
Tom Eaton and Cindy Monge-Eaton
David and Terri Fisher
Randy and Jen Foley
Marcelle and Xadier Gonzalez
Levi Green and Jessica Van Fleet-Green
Jeanne Harmon and Mark Kaufman
Trent and Christy Hart
Brodey Jones
Brad and Krista Jurkovich
Randolph Lindblad
Doug and Cathy Mah
Jocelyn and Chris McCabe
Keith and Anna Michel
William and Johanna Mitchell
Sara Murdoch
Ned and Wendy Owens
Rob Paylor
William Penn and Maggie Jekel-Penn
Kathy and Jeff Randich
Gary Schneider and Nancy Snyder
Todd and Kate Scriven
Dave Smith and Edie Harding
Shauna and Chris Stewart
Frank Swinkey and Jan Shefferly
Mike and Bree Warjone
Anne Wilson and Mike Mondress
Becky and Dennis Boone
Steve and Cary Hamilton
Drew and Marne McEachern
Stephen and Nancy Bean
The Evergreen State College Foundation
Jon and Linda Bryant
Troy and Carie Bussey
Mark and Nancy Cohen
Linnea and Phil Comstock
Ryan and Amy Cuoio
John and Sandy DiBernardo
Myra and Joseph Downing
Brad and Mary Drury
Megan Duffy and Dave Caudill
Dave Echtle and Jennifer Roberts-Echtle
Jeff Engle and Cheryl Selby
Anthony and Elichia Enzler
Leonard and Margaret Faucher
Joseph Ferry
Trenton and Hannah Fluetsch
Nancy Foley
Sam Gibboney and Lowell Jons
Sharon Ginsburg
Heide and Leif Hansen
Janey Howell
Jeff Johnson
Cole and Holly Mason
Crystal and Dexter McKenzie
Emily McMason
Matthew and Amy Murry
Ralph and Caprice Paduano
Lisa Parshley
Benjamin and Katherine Ruder
Stephen Rupert and Alex Zakarian
Alley Savin
David and Tamara Schaffert
Tom Schumacher and TJ Reinoso
Megan and Joseph Soria
Susan Southwick and Joseph Joy
Court Stanley and Kelly Zuck-Stanley
Brittany and Weston Taylor
Dan Michael and Billie Uhri
Bill and Nancy Wells
Kim Westall
Jerry and Cheri Wilkins
Danielle and Timothy Zola
Luke and Dodie Brogan
Jennifer and Jeff Statham
Jordyn and Carter Avery
Mary Bearden
Marybeth Berney
Monica Berney
Vernon Bonfield
Tyrell Bradley
Ben and Rebecca Donatelle
Jennifer Durney and Jace Lundgren
Danielle Gardner and Trent Grantham
Jacki and William Gavin
Shannon Glenn
Abby Gross
Rich Hoey and Stacey Waterman-Hoey
Michele Hulbert
Brian and Brooke LaFave
Cindy and Kelly McKrill
Sarah M. Moran
Val and Tremont Parrino
Ben and Sheena Paylor
Lauren and Andrew Pitman
Sophorth Rodriguez
Marina and Sean Shaughnessy
Teresa and Chad Smith
Monti and Brandi Sorem
David and Ellen Stagnone
Jacki and Josh Taylor
Nyle Taylor
Kim Torres
Jeff and Cathy Vernon
Taylor and Erin Vromann
Kathy and Mark Wagner
Kaya Wilcox
Spencer and Lynda Zeman