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Honoring Hannah

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Bouldering on the Beach: A New Climbing Exhibit

A special experience to honor the remarkable spirit of Hannah Steinweg McDonald and her significant contributions to the Hands On Children's Museum over a decade.

As a beloved former Museum employee (2000 to 2010), Hannah grew the Museum’s Sand in the City event into a cherished family festival & served on the planning team for the Museum’s current home on East Bay.

Along with her husband Brady, Hannah stayed connected to the Museum through her two beautiful boys. Her kind spirit and inclusive nature made her someone you were proud to know and drawn to follow. Growing up in a family of hikers & climbers, she loved the outdoors, the beach, and challenging herself. 

Bouldering on the Beach encourages children to be strong, solve problems and tackle hard tasks. The exhibit is a tribute to Hannah's bright light that lives on. A special dedication is currently planned for June. 

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Planned Dedication, Summer 2021

Climbing Exhibit Concepts

Additional Climbing ConceptsHannah, you are so missed. 

For additional information, contact Tara at tmcqueen@hocm.org or call (360) 956-0818 ext. 163.