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Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ

Q. If I pay for admission to the Museum, can I use the cost of admission towards a membership?

A. Yes, bring your receipt to the front desk the same day. Admission for up to two adults and their dependent children can be applied toward the cost of membership.

Q. How often may I visit with a membership?

A. With a current membership, you may visit as often as you like!

Q. How long is my membership valid?

A. One full year from the date of purchase.

Q. Who can visit using my membership?

A. Family memberships are intended for your family living in the same household. A household is defined as up to two adults and their dependent children up to age 17.

Grandparent memberships are intended for two grandparents living in the same household and all their grandchildren up to age 17.

Deluxe memberships include two anytime guest admissions that allow you to bring up to two unnamed family or friends every time you visit.

Q. Can a family member or caregiver who is not named on my membership bring my children using our membership anytime guest admissions?

A. Deluxe members may allow up to two family members or caregivers to use their two anytime guest admissions. Member guests must be at least 16 years of age and must be accompanied by at least one named member child to use the anytime guest admissions. A member adult is not required to be present during the visit.

Q. The second adult on my membership is not able to come, can I substitute a friend or family member?

A. No, memberships are not transferable. You may use a one-time guest pass if you have one available. Or, if you are a deluxe member, you may use one of your anytime guest admissions.  If you need to add an additional named member to your membership, check out our flex member options.

Q. Can I add an additional named member to my membership?

A. You may add up to two additional named members (flex members) to the One Plus, Family, Military Family, First Responder, or Foster Family membership levels for $25 each.  You cannot add an additional named member to the Grandparent or Childcare Provider memberships. You can add a flex member by calling or coming into the museum.

Q. Does a flex member need to live in my household?

A. The flex member option is intended to help us meet your unique family needs.  In many cases a flex member will be a relative who does live in the same household as the member family.  However, we can allow a caregiver who lives outside the home to be added as a flex member.  Our membership specialists can help you find the membership option that best meets your needs. 

Q. If I purchase a membership online, how soon can I visit?

A. Your membership is activated the moment it is purchased. Just bring the e-mail confirmation received with your purchase and present it at the front desk. You may pull up the confirmation e-mail on your smart phone if you do not have a paper copy.

Q. Do I need to show my membership card and photo ID when I visit?

A. Yes. This ensures that only the member family and their qualified guests use the membership.

Q May I upgrade my membership after I purchase it?

A. Yes. You may upgrade your membership to a higher level at any time. Call or visit the museum front desk. You will pay the difference between the current membership cost and the new membership cost. Your expiration date will remain the same.

Q. If I renew early, will I lose the time I have left on my current membership?

A. No. If you renew early, your membership expiration date will be extended by one calendar year from your current expiration date.

Q Can I get a refund for my membership?

A. No. Memberships are not refundable. However, if you are unhappy with your membership for any reason, please contact the front desk manager.

Q. Does Hands On Children’s Museum participate in any reciprocal membership programs?

A. Yes. Beginning January 2020 basic and deluxe membership levels receive 25% to participating Northwest Association of Youth Museums (NWAYM) locations. Present your membership card and get 25% off general admission for up to (4) people. Click here for a list of NWAYM member museums.

Deluxe members also receive 50% off admission to 200 youth museums participating in the Association of Children's Museums (ACM) Reciprocal Network. Present your deluxe membership card with the Reciprocal Network logo and get 50% off general admission for up to (6) people. Click here for a list of ACM Reciprocal Network Museums.

Q. Why does the Museum ask for my e-mail address?

A. We use your e-mail to communicate with you about upcoming events, special promotions, member-only offers, camp and preschool offerings, and to notify when your membership is about to expire.

Q. Do you share my e-mail and contact information with anyone else?

A. No.  

Q. How can I update my address, e-mail, or phone number?

A. Please send an e-mail to frontdesk(at)hocm.org with your name, address on record, membership number and your new information.

Q. Can I buy a gift membership online?

A. Yes. Visit our Buy a Membership page to learn about the different options for purchasing a gift membership.

Q. Is my membership purchase tax deductible?

A. Most membership contributions are tax deductible. Always check with your tax adviser.