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Outdoor Discovery Center Donors


A unique area that reconnects children to nature!

The new Outdoor Discovery Center is a half-acre of exhibits in the museum's front yard designed to reconnect children with nature and to get them moving, digging, exploring and learning in an exciting, engaging setting that is reflective of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

The center is one of only three Going Wild! pilot sites selected by the Association of Children’s Museums nationwide.

We need your help to finish the Outdoor Discovery Center! Call (360) 956-0818 or email aginsburg@hocm.org.
Lighthouse Lookout 2015 Donors

Climb nearly 30 feet high to survey Olympia's East Bay. We're all about the Puget Sound at Hands On and lighthouses are an important part of our maritime history. This beautiful lighthouse is scaled to provide young explorers with an exciting experience climbing up the spiral staircase to reach the top, surveying the East Bay view and seeing the lantern room that led so many mariners to safe harbor on Washington's coastal and inland waters.

Thank you 2015 Raise the Paddle Donors and Other Lighthouse Donors:

Morton Safford James III AIA Architects, Inc. 
Don Rhodes
John & Sally Warjone

Robert E. & Adele M. Boydston Foundation
Gary & Tina Campbell
Gordon & Rishi Dhanda
Edie Harding & Dave Smith
James & Susan Kruidenier
Randolph Lindblad
Jeff & Janet Pearson
Drew & Kylie Phillips
Jim & Gayle Phillips
Jim & Kathleen Phillips
Premier Sips
Stephen & Penny Reck
Jay & Carla Rudd
STARS Foundation
Leland 'Skip' & Gloria Strait
Visser Engineering

Grant Aaker, M.D. & Jane Myung, M.D.
Adam & Amanda Adrian
Anderson & Middleton Co.
Ken & Nancy Anderson
Sam & Lisa Barer
David Bremer & Linda Villegas Bremer
Mike & Christine Brewer
Sonny & Kim Bridges
Rik & Jen Brotherton
John & Susan Clees
Dan & Shelly Davidson
Dave & Terri Fisher
Spencer & Erin Gillet
Trent & Christy Hart
Chris & Crystal Heck
Brad & Krista Jurkovich
Marvin Kaufman & Shelley Foltz
Corey & Michelle Lopardi
Lucky Eagle Casino
Chris & Jocelyn McCabe
Dan Michael & Billie Uhri
Shannon Mitchell
Mike Mondress & Anne Wilson
Allen & Tanya Mote
Tim & Wendy O'Haver
David & Alyson Owens
Ned & Wendy Owens
Tremont & Val Parrino
Scott & Amy Rowley
Scott Homes
SeeCoast Manufacturing Inc.
Ron & Vicki Slosson
David & Ellen Stagnone
Dr. Timothy Stokes
Bill & Betsy Taylor
Paul & Gail Taylor
Greg & Jeanne Tranum
Brandy & Maura Willie
Bill & Martha Wittgow
Trevin & Jessie Ziegler

Joe & Patty Belmonte
Melanie Boyajian
Alex & Susan Callender
Rebecca Capezio
Anthony & Nicolette Chavez
Ian & Natalie Child
Ryan & Amy Cuoio
Mitch & Laura Dietz
Kim & Cindy Dinsmore
Mike & Courtney Drennon
Chuck & Karla Fowler
Matt & Erin Gantenbein
Brian & Kelly Green
Tracy Guerin
Jim & Jenelle Guthrie
Jeff & Lorraine Hamilton
Dane & Jillian Henze
Nancy Kelly
Spencer & Chelsea Kelley
John & Robbi Kesler
Damien & Stephanie Kolb
Jeremy & Monica Lauderdale
Brendan & Tatem Marchant
Jamin & Amanda May
Mellani McAleenan
Deb McCurley
David & Connie Michener
Drew & Megan Mikkelsen
Michael & Katya Miltmore
Tim Motoh & Bessie McCann
Bill & Tonya Ohumukini
Bart & Connie Olson
Andrew & Lauren Pitman
Polar Bear Construction
Larry & Susan Poplack
Steve Poplack & Trudy Teie
Bob Potter & Cindy Hageman
Ramsey & Tracy Radwan
Danielle Rants
Kevin & Andrea Rigg
Joan Schissel
Tom Schumacher & TJ Reinoso
Elizabeth Smythe
Jeff & Jennifer Statham
Ed & Lasha Steinweg
Kris & Marriann Tefft
Omar & Robyn Vera

Children's Garden 2014 Donors

Because of you, our visitors enjoy exciting new exhibits!

Sand in the City 2014 Party with a Purpose Special Gifts:

Rick & Pam Panowicz
John & Sally Warjone
Stars Foundation of Thurston County
Bonbright Family Foundation
Drew & Kylie Phillips
Inge Marcus
Joe & Patty Belmonte
Jay & Carla Rudd
Alyson & David Owens
Gary & Tina Campbell
Kevin & Andrea Rigg
Lisa Miles
Jeff & Janet Pearson
Amy & Scott Rowley
Christine & Mike Brewer
Ron Rants
Drs. Scott & Sheila Smitherman
Ken & Nancy Anderson
Keith Buchholz & Robin Zukoski
Marvin & Mary-Lynne Reiner
Christopher Heck
Jeff & Tiffany Stallings
Blake & April Murden
Mitch & Laura Dietz
Court Stanley & Kelly Zuck-Stanley
Jeff & Sue Cook
Rene & April Ancinas
Merritt Long & Marsha Tadano Long
Rich Wininger
Jim & Shawni Green
Craig & Amee Kiefer
Anthony & Nicolette Chavez
David & Terri Fisher
Katya & Michael Miltimore
Sandra & John DiBernardo
Lowell 'Sonny' & Kim Bridges
Jim & Joanne Mabbott
Kristopher & Marriann Tefft
Paul Taylor
Anne Wilson & Mike Mondress
Rachael Jamison
Mike & Deidre Pleasant
Steven & Brooke Elliott
Ann Flannigan & Peter Rex
Delmy & Luis Santamarina
Brad & Krista Jurkovich
Mike & Patty Korosec
Cameron Weatherbee
Mabel Edmonds & Cleveland Thomas
Lauren & Aaron Rodriguez
Stan Koep & JoLyn Shafer
Cindra & Tom Dooley
Linda Villegas Bremer
Laine & Kevin Hayward
Ron & Heather Sisson
Daryl & Kristen Fourtner
Frank & Cathy Hewins
Teresa & Jim Scott
Derek & Janet Lythgoe
Bruce Batson
Carie & Troy Bussey

Thank you, Donors!