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Sensory-Friendly Events

Sensory Friendly Hour*
The Museum opens early on Sundays for families of children with Autism, sensory sensitivities & special needs.
Sensory Friendly Hour 9-10 am 
Join popular teacher Lahela Peterson before the museum opens to the public for a special hour of play. Explore the museum during a less stimulating time & connect with other families who may share similar life experiences.
Special Program Rate!
Members: FREE Admission
Non-members: $7.50 per person, ages 18 months & older
Babies are free
No pre-registration required
*Sensory Friendly Sundays excludes special event days and some holidays

Sensory-Friendly Visits
Whenever possible we create a quiet space with calming activities during normal weekend business hours. Noise cancelling earphones always available free of charge. If you have questions, feel free to call (360) 956-0818 ext. 0.

Supported by: 

Agostinho Rodrigues Trust

What resources will be there?

These events also allow families to connect with local community resources, including:

How can families of children with special needs prepare for their visit?

To plan your visit to the museum, check out our interactive map. We've also prepared a Sensory-Friendly Story Guide to help you and your child familiarize yourself with the museum and its exhibits before you visit. Written from a child’s perspective, the guides can be helpful in planning which exhibits to visit and in which order.