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Special Guests & Activities

Dental health teeth
February is Dental Health Month!

Register for Mid-Winter Break Camp!

Hands On offers a premier camp experience Feb. 19 & 20!
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  • Toothpick Tinker Town
  • Toothbrush Scribbles & Paint
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • MakeSpace Tools: Monster Mouths
  • Sew Monster or Tooth Fair Pillows

Nature Play

  • Shark Teeth
  • How Do You Chew: Herbivores, Omnivores & Carnivores
  • Mammoth Mouths
  • Baleen & Toothed Whales

Visit the Puget Sound Dental Office

Located in the Emergency! Gallery
February is Dental Health Month!

Free Dental Screenings

Feb. 17 & 24 (12-2pm)

In the Art Studio:

Feb. 1-16: Chinese New Year Self-Guided Dragon Puppets
Feb. 19 & 20: Teeny Tiny President Portraits
Feb. 17-20: Collaborative Painted Pots

Meet "Batman in Seattle"

Feb. 17, 10am-2pm