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Camp Teachers

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Quality Instructors Set Our Camps Apart!

Betsy DeBoer

Betsy has a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is a lead preschool and camp teacher and curriculum advisor and has been with HOCM since 2004.

Natasha Ivanichek
Natasha holds degrees in Ecology and Geography. She has six years of experience in early childhood education and joined Hands On in 2014.

Zoe Sheed
Zoe has a BS in Elementary Education and was a Kindergarten and third grade teacher before joining Hands On as our Pre-Kindergarten teacher in 2017.

Johanna KaLhoun

Johanna has her BS in Elementary Education and was the past Director of Creative Education for a non-profit providing therapeutic & creative experiences. She has also taught 1st grade in a French immersion school. She is the museum's Studio & Visitor Engagement Supervisor since 2017.

Ben Michaelis

Ben has his BA in Performance and is an active musician and actor. He has taught music theory at the college level and originated Pre-K music camps at the museum. Ben is the museum's Offsite & Partner Programs Coordinator and has been with the museum since 2012.

Catherine ‘Kitty’ Winkle

Catherine "Kitty" Winkle has been a Lead Teacher and Parent Educator in early childhood programs since 2001 and is the Museum’s lead pre-kindergarten teacher and PlayWise instructor. She is fluent in Spanish, is TESOL certified, and holds degrees in Early Childhood Education and Social Work & Education. Kitty has been an active leader in developing nature inspired, all-inclusive children’s programs.