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Summer Splash! Daytime Festival

2021 Summer Splash Festival
2021 Summer Splash Festival Highlights

All Summer Long

Mud Pie Mondays • Bouldering on the Beach • Sock Skating
Scribble Stone River • Dino Dig • Sluicing for Treasure

Special Guests & Activities

Sock Skating Starts
June 25
Scribble Stones Collaborative Art River
 June 25
Mud Pie Monday Starts
June 28
Bubble Mania
July 1-31 
Native Cedar Art with Mary Jane Ides 
July 9-10
Olympia Poet Laureate, Ashly McBunch
July 17 (11-3pm)
Rock Climbing Wall 
July 23-24
Tinker Fairy
July 24 (11am - 4:30pm)
Native Storytelling with Itsa Shash
July 29 (10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm)
Beehive Science with Lynn Brunelle
July 31 
Sailboat Regatta
July 27-Aug. 1
Sapling Structures
August 1-31
Nature Painting with Isobel Coney 
Aug. 6-7
Rock Climbing Wall 
Aug. 13-14
Tinker Fairy
Aug. 14 (11am - 4:30pm)
Olympia High School Robotics
Aug. 21 (11am - 3pm)
Painting with Mimi Williams 
Aug. 26-28
Solar Days
Aug. 27-28
Olympia Poet Laureate, Ashly McBunch
Aug. 29 (11am - 3pm)

2021 Summer Splash Festival

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Summer Splash Festival Sponsors