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9:00am - 6:30pm

Tides to Trees Climber

The Tides to Trees Climber and main staircase are intertwined, suggesting the pier at low tide adjacent to the waterfront. Kids climb up to the second level, then come swirling down the stream slide or continue climbing to the giant eagle's nest perched more than 20 feet in the air! Barnacles, seaweed, tide pools and plank steps set up the scene for ocean-side play.  

Sponsored by

Heritage Bank 2015 - USE

Exhibit Features:

  • Two-story slide
  • Pier Dock climbing platform with overlook
  • Eagle's Nest

Educational Focus:

  • Water - Olympia, South Puget Sound
  • Natural History
  • Woods & Forests - Olympia, South Puget Sound

Learning Styles:

  • Full Body, Gross Motor Engagement
  • Imaginative Role Playing
  • Dramatic Play

Keep Exploring

Our Tide to Trees Climber is a great way for children to explore and burn some energy. Continue this high-energy exploration in our Outdoor Discovery Center on our trike track, or many other outdoor exhibits!